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As a certified Long-Term-Care Planning specialist, Brian will share with you the best way to protect your savings and family from the financial, physical and emotional consequences of an extended health care situation. Live and local call-in radio at its very best. Saturday mornings at 7 am on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM.
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Feb 18, 2017

Brian and Madalyn discuss asset based plans that you can pay off over long periods of time. The two also answer questions from a caller about qualifying for Long Term Care insurance.  

Feb 11, 2017

Brian explains the differences in benefits between asset based and hybrid insurance plans. 

Feb 4, 2017

What are the tax advantages of a long term care insurance plan? Find out on Long Term Care with Brian Ott. 

Jan 28, 2017

Brian is back from his Colorado vacation. He shares some stories from his adventures, answers the client questions of the week, and explains how to reposition your assets to create a long term care plan, keep your money, and stay in control.


Jan 21, 2017

Today's show is hosted by Madalyn and guest host Tom Cock. The two of them discuss investing for retirement, and give you some helpful tips to think about when investing. 

Jan 14, 2017

How do you pay for your long term care without depleting all of your assets? What if you qualify for long term care insurance but your spouse does not? Brian and Madalyn help listeners navigate the complexities of maximizing your potential benefits if you or a loved one ever find yourself in a long term care situation. 

Jan 7, 2017

Brian and Madalyn answer a question from Bob about leveraging your long term care assets, discuss new plans for 2017, and customization of long term care coverage. 

Dec 31, 2016

This week our hosts tackle one of people's biggest fears when it comes to long term care: Ending up in a nursing home. Brian and Madalyn tell you how to avoid having to live in a nursing home by being prepared with proper long term care insurance. 

Dec 24, 2016

Brian and Madalyn explain how to minimize the burden on your family and loved ones that occurs in a long term care situation. The two of them also answer calls from listeners about long term care in regards to people with special needs, and the potential need to update coverage.

Dec 17, 2016

Today's topic: Protecting Your Family and Savings. Brian and Madalyn discuss how to protect your life savings, and maximize your potential benefits in the event you have to enter a long term care situation. 

Dec 10, 2016

Brian and Madeline share with listeners different ways to protect themselves and their families through long term care insurance. In this hour, they discuss how to maximize your benefits and break down different tax policies when it comes to long term care policies. 

Nov 26, 2016

Long Term Care Radio - November 26, 2016 

Nov 12, 2016

Long Term Care Radio 11-12-16

Nov 5, 2016

Brian and Madalyn solve the original stinky bologna concern about the assumption that policy holders have to go to a facility to use their Long Term Care Insurance. 

Oct 29, 2016

Ted Hanson from Gregorek and Associates joins Brian Ott to discuss Long Term Care and Elder Law, highlighting the current open enrollment of Medicare. 

Oct 22, 2016

Brian and Madalyn talk about the assumption: My family can care for me if I end up in Long Term Care. 

Oct 15, 2016

It's a common misconception is answered! I'm healthy now, so I can wait to look into long term care. 

Oct 8, 2016

What happens when your spouse can't qualify for Long Term Care? 

Oct 1, 2016

Brian and Madalyn answer a stinky bologna question about long term care and Medicare. 

Sep 24, 2016

Brain and Madalyn answer your questions about Long Term Care. Should you pay an independent advisor to tell you that you need Long Term Care? And how old is too old to get Long Term Care? 

Sep 17, 2016

Long Term Care Radio - 9-17-2016

Sep 10, 2016

Long Term Care Radio - 9-10-2016

Sep 3, 2016

Long Term Care Radio - 9-3-2016

Aug 27, 2016

Long Term Care Radio - 8-27-2016

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